The Band

In the spring of 1999, an ad was placed in a local Hamilton newspaper, looking for local musicians. John and Luella, founders of Grand River Dinner Cruises, were putting together a new music show. The music show had been a Dinner Cruises tradition for years, and when the previous star retired, John suggested getting some fiddle players for the new show. So in May 1999, after a short period of auditions, the ‘Millennium Four’ took the stage at ‘Big Creek Boat Farm’ (as it was then known). The original group consisted of two violins (Danielle Lennon and Jeff Taylor), a piano (Luella Albin), and an accordion. The accordion and the name didn’t last long, and soon the group became The Blazing Fiddles, consisting of three violins and a piano. This form remained the standard for years, until 2008, when a stand-up bass (Chris Kettlewell) was added, and three violins were reduced to two, and the current Blazing Fiddles line-up was cemented. The third violinist has changed often over the last 10 years, most notably Brittany Goheen, Brielle Goheen, Matt Coleman, and Ali Raney. Luella Albin retired in 2006, and Adam Poot stepped in on piano. Danielle parted ways with the group in 2008, leaving Jeff Taylor, Brielle Goheen, Adam Poot, and Chris Kettlewell as THE BLAZING FIDDLES!! Over the last ten years, The Blazing Fiddles have performed for hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world!

The Blazing Fiddles

Jeff Taylor
Brielle Goheen
Chris Kettlewell
Double Bass
Adam Poot